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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  February 19, 2024 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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and move on. >> i want to see how he's going to bring inflation down. the work i do is affected, because i can't feed as many people as i normally would. >> we are out of time. laura, see you tomorrow. we will bring the panel back to let you know how things shook out, their reaction to donald trump in the big town hall. >> can't wait, raymond. that's it for us tonight. tune in tomorrow, and if you have questions you want me to task donald trump, you can tweet me or x me, whatever we are calling it now, and i will consider asking those. we will be in greenville, south carolina. very excited. this is going to be foreign policy, domestic policy, legal policy, weaponization of government, the border, all the issues we care about. jesse is next. >> jesse: welcome to "jesse watters primetime." tonight -- >> he wants to be a dictator on
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day one. he wants to round up people because of the way they look. he wants to bend to the government of the united states to his will, just like vladimir putin did to russia. >> jesse: democrats are now the boy who cried wolf. >> if it were a white man shooting, we would know. >> well, we don't know. >> that's how we know it's not a white man. i can tell you that much. >> is the media high deb -- >> jesse: is the media hiding black shooters? >> sometimes, the rules and laws get in the way. it's the things the democrats use. >> jesse: "primetime" thanks craig the stuffer could be right. plus, happy presidents' day. >> what was abe lincoln famous for? >> lincoln logs? [laughter] ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: happy presidents' day. i am working, you are not. i'm not mad about it. president john quincy adams once said "if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." since the days of george washington, american presidents have led americans into doing great things. washington mobilized his men at valley forge to defeat the british. abraham lincoln stood on the blood-soaked grounds of gettysburg, where he inspired americans to look at the civil war not as a political struggle, but as a fight for human freedom. fdr's fireside chats inspire the nation during the depression and the second world war. jfk inspired the country to go to the moon. >> by some say the moon? why choose this as our goal. they my ask -- they may ask why climb the highest mountain, why 35 years ago fly the atlantic?
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why does rice play texas? we choose to go to the moon and to do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. >> jesse: those presidents were the main characters of their time, but in today's times, we have joe biden. >> he is an uninspiring candidate. there is nothing about joe biden that makes you want to listen to him. he should be leaning on people who are more inspiring than him, more charismatic than him, and he should just be -- i guess if you want to call it the brains of the operation, behind the scenes. that sounds crazy that we are saying that about a president of the united states of america, but he has no main character energy at all. >> jesse: joe biden's never had main character energy. he spent his career plagiarizing. my liberal family members visited this weekend. "why can't joe biden just go out and sell's accomplishment?
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why can't joe biden say this is what trump did, this is what i did, and this is what i'll do in the future." i held my tongue. they will learn. joe biden is incapable of these things. main characters know how to campaign. their instincts drive them to lead. joe biden's told how to campaign. now, democrats are considering telling him not to. wasn't to "the new york times." >> he is not up for this. he's not the campaigner he was even five years ago. the campaign has assets. the most desirable is the candidate. the biden campaign does not treat biden like he is a desirable asset. step one unfortunately is convincing biden should not run again. i think biden, as painful as this is, should find a way to step down as a hero. the party should help him find his way to that, to being the thing he said he would be in 2020: the bridge to the next generation of democrats. >> jesse: the cries for biden
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to step down have never been louder. nate silver, the democrats polling wizard said if he does improve, biden will lose. all nate silver does all day is stare at polling numbers. he says that biden is doomed if he doesn't turn it around. joe is up against father time. he can't improve. he falls asleep at funerals. he shakes hands with ghosts. that's easy mode. the coalition's cracking, and the squad is now saying "don't vote for joe and primary." >> it's important to create a voting block, something that is a bullhorn to say "enough is enough. we don't want a country that supports wars and bonds and destruction." right now, we feel neglected and unseen by our government. if you want us to be louder, come here and vote on committed. >> jesse: uncommitted. better be careful. the fbi's going to find gold bars in her closet. life is too expensive to put up
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with biden's incompetence. >> my credit score is 800. i will be 25 in two weeks, but my car insurance in the last two years went from 220 to 270, $320 now. they said "we are getting calls, our phones are off the hook." paying nearly $900 a month for a nissan rogue sport! i am paying $1,000 a month to not look masculine at all! >> jesse: lyndon johnson, who had his court ability shot during vietnam and saw the writing on the wall as a younger and more inspiring candidate, rfk, resigned the white house -- he chose country over ego and announced he would not run for reelection. biden is the most stubborn man in washington. he proposed to jill five times before she said yes. if i were a democrat, i would be worried too. biden hasn't shown me anything. he is even complaining about
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"the new york times," a democrat president is complaining that "the new york times" is mean. the publisher said "he is a historically unpopular for an incumbent, the oldest man to ever hold this office. we have reported on both of those realities extensively, and the white house has been extremely upset about it." the last democrats who complain about "the new york times"'s unfair coverage was hillary, and we know what happened there. here she is again: stuck on repeat, warning voters trump and putin are buddies. >> he wants to be a dictator on day one. he wants to round up people because of the way they look. they may or may not be undocumented. it doesn't matter to him. he wants to call out the army. he wants to use the insurrection act to militarize american law enforcement. he has a whole team of right wing thinkers who are coming up
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with an agenda called project 2025. he wants to rid the government of any kind of independent expertise. he wants to bend the government of the united states to his will, just like latimer punto to russia. >> hillary fell for the dictator on day one. since trump is going to round up people and put them in camps -- like fdr. are we doing the russia thing again? >> can't keep saying there is a threat to democracy, and's democracy as we know it is going to be gone, but not act like it. the other problem is they've done this with every single republican candidate. since i been alive, whoever the republican presidential candidate has been gets demonized. it doesn't matter who he is, if it's john mccain, mitt romney. it doesn't matter: they will demonize the republican candidate. a legitimate threat, right there in our faces. they are like the party who cried wolf. nobody believes them. >> jesse: last time he said
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that, joe biden told him "you ain't black." not the most inspiring biden slogan, and we know it says because he didn't plagiarize it. make apollo as the host of "the nicked apollo show" -- the nick dipalo show." >> full disclosure, i am black. >> how it's going to shake out? >> i can't believe you're having this conversation. even if he was 48 with the crap job he has done -- and what did he say? he's not even main character energy? he could not be an extra in porky's 2. his speeches are so uninspiring. the last one he gave, the white house had to send out grief counselors to the ten people who saw it live. this is the first flag day i can remember where i saw the
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republicans and democrats lowering the flag to half mast in their front yard all over the country. i will give them one thing. there's a few people that he inspires. i would say the mentally challenged, though crazy, mentally ill people. they look at him and go "they guy has lost his mind. he has the iq of an avocado pit and is leading the free world. we can do it." also, young gymnasts, he inspires. 82-year-old guy, doing three somersaults and four cartwheels down? he is in his late hundreds. >> jesse: no one has ever fallen up the stairs. >> nick: can't believe we are having this discussion. what's frustrating is we can't yell at him because he's not making any of the decisions. >> jesse: he couldn't hear it if we did. i want to play some sound of "to view." these are the people telling us joe biden should not debate donald trump, and listen to the reason why.
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>> i don't think i need to see someone who has been twice impeached and is a disgrace and a one-term president with 91 counts facing him. i think it legitimizes him. i don't need to be gas led by trump. we all know who he is. will know what he stands for. we also know that biden debated him twice and mopped the floor with him. >> if biden flubs, they will be all over him. of trump flubs, who cares? >> jesse: there's not going to be a debate, because biden might flub. might flub? >> nick: he's not going to be able to find the studio. [laughter] are you kidding me? they keep calling -- trump is going to be the dictator, he's got 91 indictments. all this stuff is baloney, number one. number two, they are backing a guy who's trying to put trump in jail and they keep calling him the dictator, trump. i don't know if they believe
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this, chelsea, or if they get paid to believe it. i can't believe that you got "to view" to talk without food in their mouth. that's the first clip i've ever seen. [laughter] >> jesse: one charlamagne tha god -- and we have to call him that. that's his god-given name. when charlamagne tha god goes out and says that he is not inspiring, and the democrats do this every time trump is a threat, they have demonized every republican, and now no one believes them anymore. how worried does tha god sound? >> nick: i think tha god is more upset about the crack from biden a year ago. that does not fly well on black radio stations. i tried a couple times on the road, and i was asked to leave, but i'm still here. i'm on your show. how about stephen colbert melting down? he is freaking out so much that even when they put the camera on
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his audience, they look a little depressed. i saw half of their faces in the waiting room at sloan-kettering. they are scared of him. he is like a robot that blew a gasket and nobody knows how to shut it off. john oliver is lecturing us now? go back to the u.k. he said he's going to pay clarence thomas $1 million a year if he quits the supreme court? i was going to say, i would pay john oliver $1 million a year to quit comedy, but it dawned on me he hasn't tried it yet. >> jesse: if joe becomes president, he might get supported. we are not encouraging deportations of john oliver. >> nick: i will. i don't represent fox. i will say it. >> jesse: dictator on day one, john oliver back to england periods [laughter] nick, thank you. johnny celebrate presidents' day. >> abe lincoln had a famous
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>> you know that's not right. rigging elections. using fraudulent ballots. people say -- >> i have no comment. i would appreciate you moving away from me. get out my face before i have to lay one of you down. >> jesse: that was craig callaway threatening to lay down johnny, something i wanted to do for years but hr won't let me. craig spent time in prison for bribery and sexual blackmailing and was just indicted for rigging elections. he was a valid harvester. he is an fbi informant. go figure.
5:20 pm
craig has been a political operative in new jersey for decades working for democrats most of his career. he was accused of voter fraud before, but was not arrested until he started working with republicans. now, he feels betrayed, so he's telling republicans the secrets of harvesting and is open for business. greg at the stuffer spoke at a conservative fund-raiser this weekend. >> craig callaway will never be a democrat again for life. when i started making the transition into including others and to my work, that's when the democratic party turned on me. has been a battle everson's. >> jesse: craig better be careful. black democrat switching parties can be dangerous. >> my lawyers have told me "be very, very careful what you say
5:21 pm
come because it can and will be -- say, because it can and will be used against you." >> jesse: he told republicans "if you have to be democrat, but you have to harvest like one. >> the genie is out of the bottle. we have to -- you have to use some of the things that the democrats use. when you lose by a few votes, don't say they cheated. work harder and outdo them. >> jesse: is craig saying republicans need to out cheat the democrats? we are not sure, but we are sure where craig thinks the money should go: to him. >> the problem that the republican party has is they spend a whole lot of money on traditional way of voting. it's not going to work. you are going to continue to lose the elections. if you continue to spend all your money on people, on the consultants who are just
5:22 pm
bringing up the same votes, you are going to continue to lose. you've got to add to the equation. >> jesse: we are hearing craig correctly, we think we agree. we are not saying what republicans need to start stuffing. we are saying since 70% of the country voted early or by mail last election, republicans need to win that game, stay within the spirit of the law, as craig so eloquently said. we just want to add to the equation. that's not against the law, is it? >> i'm not a lawbreaker, but i just wanted to get things done for people. sometimes, the rules and the laws get in the way. >> jesse: when you start a sentence with "i'm not a lawbreaker, but --" i understand why craig's lawyers told him not to say anything. the rules in the law to get in the way. that's why we have them. i probably shouldn't say "about." craig is not the only one letting laws get in his way. outside of houston, five of america's top hip-hop stars were
5:23 pm
all registered to vote in the same small house, where none of them lived. drake, 50 cent, chris brown, trey songs, and the game were all registered to the same texas address. it was news to them and to us. how did that happen? our elections are so secure. federal voting law loopholes make it easy for anybody to register whoever they want wherever they want. all you need to knows that person's name and birthday. you can find it on google. tomorrow, i have to register everyone on "the five" to vote for my address. some prankster registered five celebrities to a random house in texas and nobody knew until a reporter caught it. imagine the absentee ballots, five votes. sorry about that, senator cruz. you need more craig's in texas. if a prankster is getting away with shenanigans, imagine what a professional harvester can move
5:24 pm
on. your move, republicans. newt gingrich is a former speaker of the house and fox news contributor. do you see what craig is getting at, speaker, and do you kind of agree or not? >> newt: well look, way back in 1973, i said in the constitution that republicans have to win by at least a 4% margin, just to offset democratic vote stealing. the party of tammany hall has always stolen votes. they are very good at stealing votes. i think we have to start with two different sides, and one is republicans have to get into the game of getting people to vote very early, getting them to go to the polls, vote by mail, do whatever, but i was very disappointed in the new york special election, when clearly the republican national committee's bank to the vote
5:25 pm
effort had failed totally. if you are not in the game, you are not even trying, you shouldn't expect to win. in addition, scott rasmussen recently did a report and said that among the top 1%, the people who are the head of nbc news, abc news, the head of all the bureaucracy is, among most, 67% said they would be glad to steal an election if that's what it took. [laughter] that is like ten times the national average. you have to start with the idea that to beat donald trump, these folks are going to vote early, vote often, cheat, do everything they can. republicans need to understand. they need lawyers who are as tough, as ruthless, as aggressive, and they need to get into the fight. they need to get out of the fight certainly by the end
5:26 pm
of july. the elections now are so much longer than we are used to, and all too many republican consultants haven't caught up with reality. >> jesse: it's too late if it's july, speaker. they should have been after this since the last election on day one. craig doesn't see it as stealing, speaker. craig sees it as adding to the equation. >> newt: why would you ask somebody who is a crook to describe himself as a crook, when he can explain he was only borrowing a few things permanently. [laughter] i think craig has a perfect example of that. all i would say, and i thought it was a great segment, by the way. all i would say is everybody who wants an honest election should know that in the long run, we
5:27 pm
need the french model: everybody votes on the same day, everybody has a photo i.d. everybody is accounted as a person. until we get to that, if republicans want to win this year, under the rules that exist this year, they needed to outvote the democrats by about 5%, which is a margin big enough that it can't be stolen. they need to have everybody they can get to vote very early so they can focus on the late voters and get them out. and, the need to have the largest possible number of volunteers in philadelphia, in milwaukee, chicago, cross-country trying to stop voter theft. look, this is a real fight. the democrats -- >> jesse: it's going to be a street fight. >> newt: -- this is life and death. >> jesse: newt gingrich saying we need to emulate the french. i never thought i'd hear him say that, but if it works, it works.
5:28 pm
speaker, thank you so much. >> newt: what can i say? [laughter] >> jesse: fox news alert: the fbi informant who biden arrested for fingering him in the u.k. -- ukraine bribes cream has hired two high-powered attorneys to represent him. they've worked with paris paris hilton, janet jackson, robert durst, and martha stewart. this guy is not playing around. they have a hearing tomorrow where they will try to get the fbi informant released from custody. we have invited the lawyers on to talk about the case, so stay tuned. i had to, why are democrats protecting black shooters? mucinex nightshift fights your worst night-time symptoms, so you can get to sleep and wake up ready to go. how could you? ( ♪ ) wake up to a new you. with mucinex nightshift, it's not cold & flu season, it's always comeback season.
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5:34 pm
handcuffed them. since then, nothing. kansas city says the suspects are minors, so they can't speak about it. except at the kansas city mayor is speaking. he is defending the suspects. >> i disagree strongly with how he would describe that situation. i certainly think this was criminal activity, lawlessness, and that is prevalent, but -- a dog whistle in the most classic sense. i've seen the dog whistle time and again. >> jesse: one dead, 22 injured, the mayor is doing p.r. for the shooters. the mayor just told us more about the suspects then the police have: they are minorities. we don't know the for effect, but if they were white, i don't think the black mayor would be mad that they were called thugs. what does he prefer: disadvantaged youth? we don't know. how is the country supposed to fight crime when we can't talk about its? we can't talk about criminals. we are not allowed to talk about why they are criminals, how they
5:35 pm
became criminals, what's allowing them to continue to be criminals. journalists aren't even pursuing this story. these alleged super bowl parade shooters get better treatment in the media than the covington good, whose only crime was smirking with a maga hat, obviously second-degree felony. in the history of the super bowl, at the parade, there's never been a shooting. one dead, 22 injured, including children. the press, not interested about where they got the gun, their records, their parents, their immigration status. they are protecting narrative more than lives. >> if it were a white man shooting, we'd know. >> well, we don't know. >> that's all we know it's not a white man, i can tell you that much. >> do think they are were oppressing the reporting? >> they wouldn't tell us about a transgender woman who shot up the christian school for what, like a year?
5:36 pm
oh, san bernardino out here. room to a crazy terrorist muslims? that's when i first noticed "they are not telling us who it is." it's not a white male. >> jesse: a nationally syndicated radio host. the governor called these shooters "thugs." i don't know if they are white, black, what they are. then, the black democrat mayor says "don't call them thugs, that's a dog whistle." i guess we can assume a little bit about their identity, but lies their identity and every thing about this case, dana, kept so hidden from the country? >> that's a great question, josie. thug is interchangeable with "criminal." i'm not doing this with quinton lucas, not doing this with the americans a city, showing more concern for the feelings of the thug criminals than he has for the people who were shot, jesse. that's the bigger picture, the people who were shot, and he is jumping to the defense of these criminals?
5:37 pm
i will tell you something else about the press: the press doesn't care about black lives. black lives matter to the press when they can be leveraged politically, but when it comes to talking about why there is this breakdown in urban communities when it comes to talking about people like rhonda ezzell and others in chicago who had to fight to keep their second amendment rights, or maybe the breakdown in the suspects homes that led to teenagers being out on the street with a legally possessed handguns. suddenly, the press, which professes to care so much about black lives, jesse. suddenly, they are entirely disinterested, so they can spare me there follow outrage. one last point on this. when you talk about the identities of these criminals in question, i would also disregard, from quinton lucas and any other official in kansas city, it's because they are minors. didn't matter so much when it came to kyle rittenhouse, who was 17 years old, lawfully
5:38 pm
carrying a rifle and defending his own life against a white kid toucher and woman beater, both who had records of convictions. it was the prince who went out and said that kyle rittenhouse was shooting black people. all of these people are using this as a deflection. there's a bigger issue and it has nothing to do with guns. >> jesse: those white thugs, black thugs, latin thugs. the word thug is derived from a hindu phrase, so it doesn't have anything to do with it. the fact that it's a deflection tells you everything you need to know about this. why do they want to deflect? if you are the mayor of kansas city, why do you want to get into some sort of racial conversation and make this about son and sensitivity? this has nothing to do with manners and the labels. people are dead. >> it is a -- four him. it's a cop-out for him. he would have to be prevailed
5:39 pm
upon to explain "why is it kansas city under years of democrat administration is still having this problem?" he would have to explain why kansas city's homicide rate increased by 7% within the past year, and st. louis -- missouri is my hometown, st. louis is my hometown i mean and missouri is my home state. there's a decrease. i think there was a national shooting sports foundation that's at about 1 million firearms purchased, almost willing million -- almost 1 million. you would think the homicide rate would skyrocket, yet it's not. it comes down to the administration, enforcement, to penalty, recidivism, and the lack of restorative justice. he can't explain it so he falls back on race. >> jesse: and you know the difference between kansas city, kansas, missouri. a lot of people are confused. >> dana: you are required to as a missouri end. they test you to keep you in the state. >> jesse: thanks so much, dana.
5:40 pm
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: illegals from across the globe are now bum rushing california. border patrols building makeshift migrant camps in the hot springs. bill melugin is there now. >> reporter: over my shoulder, a large group of migrants who just crossed illegally coming in from all over the world. china, africa, the middle east. they are crossing into this very remote area about an hour east of san diego. take a look at this remarkable footage we shot earlier this afternoon out here. a huge group of migrants scaling a massive mountain out here, crossing illegally into the u.s., very steep, very dangerous, a line of them almost as far as the eye can see at times coming down that mountain. we will show you other video we had earlier this morning. this was groups of predominantly single adult men from around the world who were waiting for a border patrol to take them into custody and process them this morning. more from china, some from keswick sign, some from turkey, others from the middle east. that's how it's been out here.
5:46 pm
i had a chance to talk to some of them. where you from? turkey? where you from? ecuador. where you from? >> china. >> china. >> what city in the u.s. do you want to go to? >> los angeles. >> reporter: l.a.? los angeles. meanwhile, over the weekend, fox news cameras witnessing hundreds of chinese nationals crossing illegally into this area, as the number of chinese is skyrocketing here at the southern border, and this is not normal. to put it in perspective, look at this graphic. sources telling fox in the last four and a half months, since october 1st, more than 20,000 chinese nationals have been encountered at our southern border. that's up more than 4000% over all of fiscal year 2021, when there were only 450 chinese
5:47 pm
encounters. back out here jesse, the politics of the california border, obviously very different than texas. there is no razor wire out here, no national guard, no shipping containers. california is a sanctuary state. it started offering health care to illegal immigrants, and the state is doing nothing to try to stop any of what you see that's happening behind me right now. back to you. >> jesse: let's talk to the been out county sheriff mark lam. they are not just offering health care, illegal immigrants get free sex changes in california now. >> california has lost her mind. it does not help the rest of us when they do silly things like that, when they offer free sex changes, free health care, free housing. all that does is entice people to come here, and we don't need that. >> jesse: what's going on with the chinese influx? this is relatively new over the last few months. >> it is somewhat new, but there was 37 chinese nationals last
5:48 pm
year. we are on pace now -- in four months, they've had 20,000. this is going to put us almost double what it was last year. but i keep telling people, when you hear these numbers about chinese nationals, it's not like america. people can't just come and go as they please out of a communist country. the chinese government has to be complicit in this. when you see a number like 20,000 in the first four months, that's alarming, especially when they are military age men. >> jesse: do you think they are sending some of them spies, some people they don't want in the country? what you think the mix is? >> but i think as they see a a week administration that's not committed to securing our border, and i think they can put as many people in this country -- and they will. they are taking advantage of a very poor situation that this administration has created. >> jesse: right now -- i don't know if you notice, but you can't get a hotel room in new york. you have to try really hard.
5:49 pm
it's because these things are packed, not with americans. they are filled with migrants at these hotels here. this journalist went inside with a hidden camera. watch this. >> it's close. there's a ton of people in here right now. oh, you guys -- shelter for the migrants coming in? >> yeah. it's no longer open to the public. >> you aren't allowed to co-opt all my talk about it? they signed a contract with the outside source saying they will pay the rent to house the migrants. it's guaranteed money every night. that a rate of $200 per night at the hotel, and 1,331 rooms, that's $260,000 a day. >> jesse: the hotel owners are making a fortune off the open border. >> i don't know when americans are going to wake up, but those are our tax dollars paying for those rooms. i pray that the illegals along
5:50 pm
our southern border in arizona -- because i was in a helicopter just today. we were flying our border. i saw several ng oh, nongovernmental organizational camps around there. there were makeshift tents full of trash, certainly not the type of accommodations that they are getting in new york. >> jesse: i'm overstating it a little bit. you can get a hotel room in new york, but all of greg got fouled favorite rooms are booked solid, and that's a shame. he makes a lot of use out of them. sheriff, thank you so much. >> thank you, jessie. >> jesse: do americans know their president? johnny finds out. >> what was ronald reagan's job before president? >> mcdonald's employee.
5:51 pm
the ball is out and there's a pile-up. -let's go! -get in the pile! ugh, i'll deal with this tomorrow. you won't. it's ripe in here. my eyes are watering. i'm a busy man. look how crusty this is. shameful. ugh, it's just too much. not with this. tide. tide can tackle any pile. that a tackle pun? just clean the pile, ron. okay. this too. that was easy. when stains and odors pile up, it's got to be tide.
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5:55 pm
>> jesse: happy presidents' day. while you are enjoying your day off, we sent johnny skiing at big bear in pennsylvania for a
5:56 pm
presidential history quiz. ♪ ♪ >> johnny: how are you celebrating the holiday monday? >> skiing. >> sobering up. >> get a shot, have a beer. >> what holiday is monday? >> it is -- >> presidents' day. >> who do you want to see president next year? >> trump. >> trump. >> sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business. ♪ ♪ >> who is the first president of america? >> do i get a lifeline? can i call a friend? >> martha's husband. >> george washington. >> what was george washington's job before he took office. >> doctor. >> he was a general in the army. >> a boxer? [buzzer] >> which country did george washington defeat? >> i'm not 100%. >> england. >> it was against ourselves. >> no. >> known for a lot of things. one thing he could not do.
5:57 pm
>> he couldn't ski? >> smile. >> couldn't tell time. >> tell a lie. >> swim? >> just reach out in front of you and grab a handful of water. >> who was president during the civil war? >> jefferson. >> andrew jackson? >> abraham lincoln. >> it's been a long day. >> he already stuck out. >> what was abe lincoln famous for? >> lincoln logs? >> cooking? >> being very tall. >> the union, beating the confederacy, the civil war. >> what did they do in the civil war? >> what do you mean? [laughter] >> they a free -- >> freed the slaves. >> i probably should have said that the first time. >> they freed us? >> the. >> were you a? [laughter] >> that's bad. >> abe lincoln had a very famous line. "a house divided cannot" -- >> multiply. >> be together? >> stand. >> fall.
5:58 pm
[applause] ♪ ♪ >> johnny: who was president during world war ii? >> see rap. world war ii. >> oh, my gosh. >> today, junior! >> george bush sr. >> hoover. >> franklin d. roosevelt. >> what does the d stand for? >> delano roosevelt. >> donald? >> do little. >> who was president in the 1980s? >> clinton? >> i'm so young. i wasn't even born then. >> reagan? >> franklin pierce? >> ron -- >> swanson. >> you didn't get that right. >> what was ronald reagan's job before he took office? >> actor. >> mcdonald's employee. >> somebody get this kid a happy middle. >> he said "mr. gorbachev, tear down" -- >> that while. >> this while.
5:59 pm
>> this house. >> the great wall of china. >> they were really dumb answers, weren't they? ♪ ♪ >> which resident famously said "i may be of white boy, but i'm not stupid." >> barack obama. [silence] >> holy mackerel. >> somebody actually said that? >> i may be a white boy, but i'm not stupid. >> do watch je -- note >> do you watch jesse watters on fox news? >> he has a book coming out, it's called "get it together." >> come on skiing and have a good time. >> jesse: tomorrow, if i look a little different, i will be in las vegas on a special assignment, but donald trump will be doing a town hall with laura the hour before us. stay tuned for "primetime." we will give you automatic reaction to that town hall. also, people have been saying
6:00 pm
you have been promoting "are booked too much, jesse." not even close. the book comes out in a month. i don't think i've promoted enough. we are in for a whirlwind of self-promotion. get it together. you can order it and it will be there in a month in your mailbox. time for text messages. bill from bela goerke ohio. "hillary forgot to call us deplorable's. better check your brain." dennis from new jersey. "do you think we could convince craig to stuffer to run for rnc chairman?" "you think -- do you think i should interview craig? i do. "did i smell a rat in this craig guy. are you sure he's not working for the fbi still close what's? i would want to feel him down for a wire, but i'm afraid to fill craig down. i'm watters, and this is my world. >> welco


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